Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators


A comprehensive guide to the effective use of colour in botanical painting

This beautiful book explores the world of colour in the plant kingdom and introduces the artist to effective practical methods of using colour in botanical painting. It focusses on the relevance of making accurate observations of colour in botanical specimens and recognizing the value and importance of using colour theory to achieve successful results. With over 500 images, this elaborately-illustrated guide uses the author’s finished artwork, diagrams, and step-by-step tutorials to explain the important role of colour in this compelling genre of art. This book is a must for all aspiring botanical artists, illustrators, and students.

  • Comprehensive guide to colour in the plant kingdom, colour theory, and the attributes of the artist’s colour wheel and colour harmonization
  • Analysis of watercolours and their properties, pigments, and the selection and matching process to botanical specimens
  • Colour-mixing exercises and guidance for creating colour charts, as well as practical step-by-step tutorials through the colour spectrum
  • Guide to using colour effectively in botanical painting and suggestions for appropriate watercolour techniques

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Softback 208 pages
Over 500 colour images

“All aspects of colour are covered, including flowers, fruit and foliage, with examples and demonstrations provided for each of the main colour groups. Instructions and analyses are thorough throughout and this is a worthwhile as well as original addition to the canon of botanical literature.”

“This is one of the most thorough guides I have seen. It has a depth that makes it both invaluable and, I believe, unique. Providing a deep knowledge and understanding, this is essential reading for any serious flower painter.”

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