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New book – Drawing and Painting Leaves

By 2nd November 2022December 1st, 2022No Comments
Pelargonium Sidoides botanical leaves illustration

After the success of her first two books, Leigh Ann is delighted to announce she has been commissioned to write a third book Drawing and Painting Leaves for the Crowood Press, scheduled for publication in 2024.

Magnolia graphite painting in progressDrawing and painting leaves is quite often the most challenging aspect in botanical painting for many botanical artists and illustrators. This book will consider methods and techniques for observing, drawing and painting leaves accurately so that they look believable and naturalistic. In brief, the book will include:

  • Botany and anatomy of leaves (including a short botanical glossary)
  • Fundamental drawing and shading techniques
  • A practical guide to painting leaves, addressing some of the most challenging aspects including recognising and mixing colours correctly (especially shades of green), considering highlights and shadows, 3D, perspective, foreshortening and aerial perspective, painting veins and other useful techniques
  • A look at the changing seasonal colour palettes of leaves, with specific step-by-step tutorials for readers to try
  • A look at different types of modified and adapted leaves such as succulents, carnivorous, and defensive leaves

Currently available for purchase: Leigh Ann’s second book Colour for Botanical Arts and Illustrators

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