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Book review by Henry Malt – ‘The Artist’ magazine

By 22nd February 2022October 28th, 2022No Comments
The Artist book review

Leigh Ann is pleased to share the following review of her book Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators by Henry Malt, which appeared in The Artist magazine:

“Another day, another book on flower painting, you might think. This, however, differs by concentrating on colour, both aesthetically and in practice and is one of the most thorough guides I have seen. Leigh Ann Gale goes far beyond what we might term the prosaic use of manufactured hues to represent as realistically as possible those seen in nature.

While this is a book about painting flowers, it has a depth that makes it both invaluable and, I believe, unique. Considerable attention is given, for instance, to the representation of shadows and the behaviour and manipulation of colour in this respect. There is even a whole section on handling water drops.

There are extensive exercises, demonstrations and colour charts as well as explanations of what to look for and why certain techniques are being applied. Providing a deep knowledge and understanding, this is essential reading for any serious flower painter.”

Crowood £18.99, 208 pages (P/B)
ISBN 9781785009396

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