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Book review by Eileen Reilly Art Book Reviews

By 4th March 2024March 5th, 2024No Comments
Colour for Botanical Artists illustrators book - Nasturtium painting

Leigh Ann is pleased to have received the following review of Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators, her comprehensive guide to the effective use of colour in botanical painting:

“Now this book, Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators, does offer a tonne of information for artists. There are lists of the main manufacturers of watercolour including information about their lines, their codes for lightfastness and other details.

You are shown how to colour mix and colour match. There’s of course a how chapter on what is colour and how we see colour but also importantly how we see colour in different categories of plants like silvery foliage, black and white in nature (spoiler: there is no true black or white) not when you factor in transparency, how light reflects off things or colours around them.

There are loads of photographs from the natural world and their painted images. The last section of the book is full of tutorials. It is a pleasure to read and full of a wealth of information that you can even use beyond botanical art.”

Eileen Reilly Art Book Reviews

The Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators book can be purchased here